Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Women Can Run 5K

There is an organization or group or whatever you want to call it called Women Can Run/Walk that sets up small "clinics" in any town that wants to participate. Rose Bud has participated for the past two years, and this year me, Mom, and Natalie did it with them. You meet two nights a week to run/walk together (there are schedules set up for walkers and beginning, intermediate, and advanced runners to help you train for a 5K). We have been meeting since the end of February, and this Saturday was the 5K we have been training for. We had a good time training and running, but I am still terribly slow. I'm planning to keep running and hopefully get faster!

Me & April - she runs with me and tries to get me to go faster :)
I'm happy to have her with me!

Nat, Mom & Me after the race

Natalie with her medal and certificate - Go Nat!

After waiting for the final pair of shoes to be given away, we all headed to Chili's for lunch! It was a lot of fun. And it's a good thing we stayed for the door prizes - out of the 19 or so of us there, we won 2 pairs of running shoes, a t-shirt, a fancy back pack, and two Road ID gift certificates.

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Katie said...

Val 'bout time you blogged.=0) No, I know you are busy. Thanks you sooo much for the card. you are the best. I hope you and Dave are well. Come see me...