Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An Awesome Saturday!

Last Saturday we decided to go watch a matinee showing of X-Men Origins - Wolverine. Stuart and Whitney came with us. We all really like the movie, but decided we weren't finished hanging out . . . we went back to Stuart & Whitney's to decide what to do. We settled on using the 4 free games of bowling David has been carrying around in his wallet for the last year. We ended up bowling 2 games and it was a ton of fun! It has been forever since we've been bowling! As if we hadn't had enough, we went out for ice cream and then met Stuart, Whitney, Grace, Paul, Mary K, and Spencer back here in Rose Bud to watch "Taken" at Grace & Paul's house. We had a fun filled Saturday! Thanks guys!

Stuart & Whitney getting ready to bowl!

This is the look I make when somehow I knock over 4 pins and it turns into a strike . . . apparently . . .

This is Dave trying to make sure his foot does that "thing"

Thanks Stuart & Whitney!!!

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Sue said...

Very cute couples! Bowling is so fun. We love to go with our family because we are all so dang competative!