Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kris Allen comes Home!

If you do not know who Kris Allen is, you are no longer my friend. Just kidding, but seriously if you don't know, you should find out :) Kris Allen is from Conway, Arkansas and is in the Top 3 on this season of American Idol. He came home to Little Rock and Conway this past weekend. I was able to go see him at the Rivermarket in Little Rock with Mom, Cindy, Emily, and Kendra which was really awesome. I also went to see him that evening in Conway with David. We really had a lot of fun, except that it was extremely hot and sticky in Conway. I think I liked him even more live than I do on the show!

This is us when we got there around 11 am.

The crowd during the concert - there were a lot of people there!

Kevin from Channel 16 talking to Kris.

This is my favorite picture I took - I think he was singing "She Works Hard for the Money"

Some nice person took a picture for us on our way back to the car, so we could all be in the picture. :)

We were standing in Front Street in front of Mike's Place for the Conway concert - I liked their sign.

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Martindale News said...

Wow you got some awesome pictures of Kris. He is fabulous!