Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day and Heritage Makers

So first of all Happy Mother's Day! Especially to my Mom, who doesn't read this, which is why I can post this . . . .

That's the book that Emily and I made for Mom for Mother's Day - with help from all the kids. It was so easy and so fun! I'm excited about giving it to Mom. I think she'll really like it. I went to a conference a few weeks ago called Time Out for Women, and while I was there, I found this company called Heritage Makers. It is a company that encourages you to preserve your stories and pictures together in ways that are useful and fun. They make photo storybooks like this one we made for Mom, digital scrapbook pages, calendars, recipe books, greeting cards, announcements, invitations and all kinds of other super cool things! Everything is completely customizable down to the specific pieces of digital art you use to embellish your pages. But they also have pre-made templates that you can just use to drag and drop your pictures and text in. It is really neat. Heritage Makers works a lot like Pampered Chef or Mary Kay in the way that we have parties, or as we call them, workshops to show people the products and a little bit about how to make them. I am having my Grand Opening workshop this week - one on Tuesday night at 6:30 and one Wednesday morning at 10:00. So if you live anywhere close, come on! I am super excited! If you aren't able to make it, but want to learn more, I can come show you more about it or do a workshop at your house so you can earn free products! My website is so you can check that out to see more about Heritage Makers. Let me know what you think!

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Amyjo said...

heritage makers is big out here in Utah.They do have cute stuff.