Monday, January 4, 2010

I love a good Snow Day!

It started snowing yesterday morning and snowed most of the day and night. It was still snowing a little when we woke up, but has stopped now. Our yard is covered with a thin layer of snow, and I guess the roads around here got pretty bad. The bridge between our house and my parents' was closed due to some accidents there last night.

We enjoyed staying up late playing Battleship and Scrabble, drinking hot chocolate, and eating cookies. We received our phone calls confirming that we wouldn't have school around 9 and 9:30 last night which was nice. This morning we were planning to get things done around the house first and play in the snow later, but the sun came out and we were afraid it might melt, so . . . .

we got out and built a snowman with Trent, Tristan, and Trinity, my cousins who live on our street. So, I know he's pretty wimpy, but we got cold and tired, and there isn't THAT much snow. We're old . . . This snow is so powdery and light and sparkly. You can really see each flake! I've never seen snow like it in Arkansas!

It's so nice to have an extra day to get settled in and get a few things done before we get back to work. The past week has been pretty busy. Days like today remind us how glad we are to work for schools and close to home.

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Martindale News said...

Looks like a fun day. You got more snow than Conway did. Loved the pictures, always do!